top of the rug as possible

How does it look? Probably a little out of square. Get your big piece of cardboard and square up the tape system to what will be the vertical edges of the rug so that when the rug is hanging the tape will be as dead level as possible. Get the tape as close to what will be the top of the rug as possible.

In 1993 ownership of L’quipe moved to the Amaury Group, which formed Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) to oversee its sports operations, although the Tour itself is operated by its subsidiary the Socit du Tour de France. ASO employs around 70 people full time, in an office facing but not connected to L’quipe in the Issy les Moulineaux area of outer western Paris. That number expands to about 220 during the race itself, not including 500 contractors employed to move barriers, erect stages, signpost the route and other work.

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