Moss Removal and Treatment

Moss removal and treatment will increase the life of your roof. Moss can create a lot of damage to your roof. After we arrive the first step we take is to remove the large clumps of moss on your roof. We remove the moss with stiff bristle brushes, removing the large pieces of moss that will clog downspouts. We take special care not to damage the roof during this process.

Then we apply a moss treatment to the entire roof surface that kills, eliminates, and inhibits future growth. This treatment will not hurt the plants around your house. It takes about 1-3 weeks for the process to work completely. After this timeframe you will notice that all of the moss is gone and your roof looks great.

Moss removal and treatment can be done any time of the year and should be done annually. We include gutter cleaning along with the moss removal and treatment process. Fall is a great time to schedule moss removal and treatment since your gutters need cleaning at that time of year.

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