Konta said there was discussion of moving her match to Court 3

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good quality replica bags Seriously can believe there people watching us at 3.15am, zeal replica bags reviews two time major champion Muguruza said in an on court interview, then joked: who cares? second round match was delayed because the day session ran longer than expected Venus Williams needed three sets to win her match there and replica bags from korea the first contest of the replica bags in china night session was a men match that lasted five sets.Konta said there was discussion of moving her match to Court 3, but the seagulls that dot the tournament grounds replica bags louis vuitton had left replica bags new york their, um, mark there.were going to go out to Court 3 to start but there were basically seagulls and poo everywhere so they had to clean the court, Konta said.Close replica bags and watches up of the mess. Picture: Aly Song/ReutersSource:ReutersMelbourne’s seagulls are making a mess. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)Source:APAccording to an Australian Open spokeswoman, Muruguzu and Konta were given the option of having Court 3 cleaned; it should have taken 15 minutes.But the players heard replica bags near me there was rain in the forecast, so replica bags ebay decided to stay put, because Margaret Court Arena has a roof and Court 3 does not.The tournament said the previous latest start on record in Melbourne was 11.59pm for a women match between Elise Merten sand Daria Gavrilova a year ago.The record for latest finish? That https://www.aaareplicabagss.com 4.34am, for a 2008 men match between Lleyton Hewitt and Marcos Baghdatis.was actually a very good match, Konta said about her low attendance loss. good quality replica bags

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