device brands on the decoy

He will usually react and smell the food and sniff around it for a while when it first put in there, but he never actually eat it. It doesn seem to be having a negative effect, as he still quite active and lively around his enclosure and when I take him out, and I know snakes will sometimes go very long times without eating, but 2 months seems excessive. Especially because he pretty young/small, I would think he would be eating once a week or at least once every couple weeks..

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Many of the vintage decoys had eyes made of steel tacks, or ones they carved by hand and painted. They utilized glass eyes on the subsequent duck decoys. Because they carved the decoys in the nineteenth 100 years by hand utilizing a rasp, draw blade, and hand ax, habitually gaze for device brands on the decoy.

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The thing I dont like about this whole thing though is that at this point its very obvious that this is an equality/inclusiveness agenda that DICE is pushing on us. Its essentially forced politics and I dont want any part of that. They are also doing it in the worst way possible by not only shoving it down our throats, but also mocking us for being displeased with it..

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