Clair County Michigan’s Best Diner is The M 29 Diner in St

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canada goose My character I working on for my re spawn next week is probably going to be a archaeologist/scholar who accidentally made a pact with some god of chaos/war/whatever (I haven asked our DM what is out there to pick from yet) in his search for information and now is doing his best to find a way to break the connection with the Patron while keeping his pact a secret, but the Patron gained partial control of his mind and can cause him to act irrationally aggressive and out of character at times. I think it would be really cool to have the fact that he is a warlock try to be kept a secret, and try to play him off as a weak spell caster of some similar class to the rest of the players. Is this like an acceptable way to play a Warlock?. canada goose

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