Alasdair Allan said: ‘Islanders rely on being able to purchase

uk canada goose Island MSP Alasdair Allan has hit out at the ‘arbitrary and unjustifiable’ delivery surcharges islanders have to face after research has shown consumers in the Western Isles continue to pay over the odds for items sent, writes Neill Bo Finlayson.The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has estimated consumers in the Western Isles faced 2.66 million in delivery surcharges during 2018. This is almost a five per cent increase from 2017 where SPICe estimated the cost of delivery surcharges as 2.54 million.The power to regulate parcel delivery surcharging is reserved to the UK Government. However, the Scottish Government has launched an action plan on tackling unfair delivery charges which includes developing a fair delivery charges map where consumers will be able to compare and track delivery costs and providing a crowdsourcing website where customer experiences of unfair deliveries can be shared.Alasdair Allan said: ‘Islanders rely on being able to purchase items online that we cannot easily pick up locally. uk canada goose

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canada goose uk outlet Nathan Boatman, of the Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities, told commissioners that bocce ball, a form of lawn bowling, has been added to this year roster. He also said that, in addition to the Special Olympics are currently developing a softball team. Sept. canada goose uk outlet

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